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Date Event Comments
Sep 2014 Adult maker space group started out of Council Library.  Run and Organised by Donna Kellion
2015 Events run from a space in the Gordon White Library.  Run and Organised by Donna Kellion
Sep 2015 Moved to CQU Ooralee Many successful meetups, wonderful hosts, packing up becoming a big chore. Having to return classroom spaces to general use each time.
June/July 2016 Meeting to incorporate. We had a meeting discussing the possibility to incorporate, it was unanimously voted for.
2 Sep 2016 Finally incorporated. Certificate of incorporation.

Moved to Shed

Evan Street, South Mackay

A shed with toilet the size of 3 car parks.

We conducted some repairs to the building in exchange for the right to occupy. The building was damaged by a prior vehicle fire.

We moved to this space because we were seeking space to store larger equipment more permanently.


Workshop Events

Raspberry Pi Workshop run by Fred Houweling

3D Printer Workshops run by Andrew P

June 2017

Woolworths Andergrove BBQ

Profit ~$300.

Moved to Industrial Warehouse Prospect Street
South Mackay

 The owner of the shed finally found tenants for the shop fronts that the shed was part of, he therefore needed us to move.
2017 Element 14 voucher donation. $250 used to purchase tools for the space. (Surface mount re-flow station and hand tools).
May 2018 Moved to 36 Wellington Street  
July-Oct 2018 QLD Hackerspaces Grant Funded $20,000 hacker-spaces grant from the state government.
Feb 2019 Jaycar BBQ Networking opportunity.
March 2019 Moved to Pioneer State High School  
2016 Mechanos  
2016 Sugar City Con  
2018 Mechanos  

Volunteers Expo

2017 Sugar City Con  
June/July 2016 Incorporation meeting Makerspaces Mackay, Inc is started.
Sep 2016 Officially Incorporated Makerspaces Mackay, Inc is born.
2017 AGM 2017  
2018 AGM 2018  
2019 AGM 2019  
2019 April DIYODE Membership promotion.  
18 May 2019 BBQ at Bunnings Paget. Election day, $1020 raised, thank you everyone.
13 Oct 2019 BBQ at Bunnings North Over $1000 raised, thank you everyone.
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