Privacy Policy

If at any time anyone becomes aware of a breach of the privacy policy they are obligated to notify the management committee in a timely manner, including the nature of the breach. The current committee is obligated to investigate the alleged breach in any reasonable means at it's disposal and decide on the appropriate action/s in a timely manner.

Common statements

  1. Laws and Legislation overrule all privacy policy statements when in conflict.
  2. The associations registered constitution/rules overrule privacy policy statements when Laws and Legislation is not in conflict but Privacy Policy is in conflict.

Your details

When we collect your details:

  1. it will be stored in our official membership records systems
  2. it will be stored securely
  3. it will be used for internal processes only
  4. access to your details will be limited to the current management committee and delegates directly linked to the association (e.g. Via membership or employment).
  5. your details will not be provided to third parties
  6. when communication regarding third parties is deemed appropriate it will be communicated directly by the association through official channels.

Confidential information

Members may from time to time discuss commercial in confidence details, when this occurs:

  1. The disclosing party is obligated to state the conversation is commercial in confidence
  2. The recipients of the information must refrain from violating the confidential conversation
  3. Members have the right to develop knowledge with the intent to commercialise a product or idea without fear commercial loss through disclosure/s 
  4. Confidentiality is void if the conversation is likely to cause harm to any person or if the conversation is illegal

From time to time, people may chance upon confidential information, such information must not be duplicated, disclosed or disseminated without the information owners permission.

This privacy policy may not cover all foreseeable issues, until the management committee determines appropriate amendments to the policy common sense should prevail.

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